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If you don't have a bank account, you don't need a microbanking app to take what you earn.


The practice of remittance breaks up families for years at a time. Overseas workers are subjected to costly and unavoidable transaction fees.


Banking the Unbanked

Microfinancial transactions are used as a volume play for the established financial institutions to extract max value from the urban working poor.



Charging +30% annual interest to those receiving the loans means they can never graduate from them to scale business and hire staff.


Fintech Platforms in Emerging Markets

Microconsumer data promotes consumerism over savings under the guise of convenience.



A microfinance platform and ecosystem for financial inclusion and microasset management.



  • Social Proof of Work

    Users report on socio-economic issues that affect their daily lifeand earn ARCC

  • Digital ID Card

    Users get their own unique identity that allows them to use it as another ID or for entry to events and promotions

  • Microasset Management 

    ARCC earned can be used in a number of third-party asset management services

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    Community Staking

    Users can stake their ARCC for community infrastructure projects

  • Entrepreneurial Lottery

    Winners get support for their entrepreneurial dreams with investment and training for a scalable business

  • Microinsurance

    Users can opt into a number of microinsurance plans through the aggregation of ARCC balances

More than a coin, ARCC is a:

Crypto-Reserve Currency
Macroeconomic Development Coin
  • Microasset

    The world's first digital microasset for the urban working poor in failing emerging markets

  • Crypto-Reserve Currency

    A freely accessible currency hedge for those without access to traditional banking or existing savings

  • Macroeconomic Development Coin

    A coin with its long-term value invested in and aligned with regional market increases in productivity and entrepreneurial investment

ARCC is built on the Algorand blockchain



Algorand is the world's first open, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that, without forking, provides the necessary security, scalability, and decentralization needed for today's economy.


How Can Empower You


The Urban Working Poor earn ARCC for free through the process of 'Social Proof of Work.' Users report on daily instances of corruption, insufficient infrastructure, cost of living expenses, etc. For every report they earn ARCC.

Radical Social Transparency

As users earn more ARCC, they contribute to the 'Public Mandate Network' which is a decentralized information network. The anonymous verified data is then aggregated and added onto the blockchain. This creates an indisputable data set which can be used as a public mandate for change, creating an environment of Radical Social Transparency.

Accumulate Assets

ARCC is an unencumbered microasset. Freely earned, it can be allocated to other asset management services to grow users' initial ARCC earnings. This provides cost free digital holdings of assets contributing to future stability and planning.

Community Development

ARCC can be used to stake other needed community projects like clean water, new roads, and sanitation in a crowd funded format within the platform.

Currency Hedge

ARCC acts like a foreign reserve currency hedge for local merchants and individuals that is completely accessible without having to exchange their local fiat for it. This provides another layer of protection in case of local currency volatility.

Debt-free Capital

Through the accumulation and asset management of ARCC, users will be able to deploy this debt-free capital for entrepreneurial investment, improving not only their own lives, but the lives of those in their community as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will be available?

    As an ecosystem app that involves integrating five major services, the completed to-market app will be available by Q2 2021.

  • Who can use

    Only those in designated developing Southeast Asian countries will have access to the Social Proof of Work Network through the app.

  • How is ARCC earned?

    ARCC is earned through Social Proof of Work 'mining' on the platform.

  • What is Social Proof of Work?

    The act of mining by participating in reporting and socio-economic surveys in order to earn ARCC tokens, whereby Social Proof of Work maintains the integrity of the socio-economic data network through reporting and verification by the participants.

  • What kind of token is ARCC?

    ARCC is as an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) on the Algorand blockchain, ASA ID# 163650.

  • Where can I spend ARCC?

    If you earn ARCC through the app by the process of Social Proof of Work you can invest or use it within the app as soon as it is earned. After a tiered 3-year vesting period users will be free to withdraw their ARCC and then either exchange or trade it as per their own discretion.

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